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A success story of a town and its casino.
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according to the resolutions of the state of Hesse all corona protection measures and the obligation to wear masks will end on April 2, 2022.

Test certificates and vaccination certificates are also no longer required.

Please understand that the lounge will remain closed for the time being.

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Spielbank Bad Homburg, with a history spanning for more than 175 years, is one of the oldest and most famous casinos in Europe. Its history is also inseparable from its home town of Bad Homburg, which has a history of its own dating back to the year 782. Compared to the town, Spielbank Bad Homburg, started by François Blanc and his twin brother Louis in May 1841, is still very ‘young’ – though both entities are proud of each other thanks to the critical mark they have together left on the successful development undertaken in the area since the second half of the 19th century. Today, Spielbank Bad Homburg is one of the top five casinos in Germany and is one of the most successful and popular casinos internationally.


175 years in figures

dates, facts, emotions


Summer | The Blanc brothers agree with Landgrave Philipp on a licence for them to conduct ‘games of chance’ for 30 years (involving obligations to pay for the leasehold and construct a spa).


23 May  | Spielbank Bad Homburg opens and operates out of the ‘Little Well Hall’ until completion of the spa, the foundation of which is laid on the same day.


The casino relocates to the spa.


1 May  | The Frankfurt Parliament outlaws operation of ‘places of immorality and indolence’. The casino is converted into a closed-membership club.

August | The Frankfurt Parliament is dissolved and the casino is once more open to the public.


The Blanc brothers finance a gasworks, giving Bad Homburg regular street lighting.


A railway connection is extended from Frankfurt to Bad Homburg with financing from the Blanc brothers.


March | François Blanc obtains a 50-year licence to operate a casino in Monaco, paying 1.7 million gold francs in cash for it.


Landgrave Ferdinand dies without a successor and Bad Homburg falls to the Kingdom of Prussia. The casino is allowed to exist only on a temporary basis as gambling is prohibited in Prussia.


31 December | Spielbank Bad Homburg is forced to close its doors and cease gambling activities.


7 April | Spielbank Bad Homburg begins its second chapter: the company Hermann Heidtmann KG starts offering games of chance in the ‘Little Well Hall’ again.

Autumn | The first new extension of the historic ‘Little Well Hall’ is built.


Spring | The second extension is completed: the casino opens up its own restaurant.


Hermann Heidtmann commissions the third extension of the ‘Little Well Hall’.


The casino is extended for the fourth time.


October | Slot machines are introduced.


January | Blackjack is introduced.


May | An automated spin data display is introduced for roulette.


March | The prohibition on local Bad Homburg residents visiting the casino is lifted.


February | American roulette is introduced.


November | Poker is introduced.

1996 – 1999

November | The casino halls are remodelled.


1 January | After an EU-wide invitation for tenders, the casino’s licence is given to François-Blanc-Spielbank GmbH Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, a full subsidiary of Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH, which itself is a full subsidiary of Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe municipality.

Summer  | Spielbank Bad Homburg is completely redesigned and renovated, from 4 a.m. in the morning to midday every day, while otherwise continuing operation. In the first year, the non-smoking areas and machine gaming return to a classic style.

September | A debut for the state of Hesse: a new, fully automated roulette system with 23[LS1]  places is installed in machine gaming with simultaneous integration with two tables in classic gaming.

November | A debut for the state of Hesse: Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, a poker game against the bank, is introduced successfully.


The smoking areas and Le Blanc restaurant are completely redesigned during the second stage of renovations.


April | A German debut: Spielbank Bad Homburg is the first German casino to introduce two further card games: Three Card Poker and Free Bet Blackjack are a hit among patrons from the outset.

May | The restaurant’s renovated terrace opens.

August | »Dostojewskis Bar« is redesigned.


January | The »Lounge« dance club is taken in a new direction.

23 May | Spielbank Bad Homburg celebrates its 175th birthday.

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