Dear guests…

Gaming should be fun and a great way to enjoy yourself. This is why we offer a great variety of table games and slot machines.

Sometimes, however, an exciting and entertaining game can suddenly turn into a problem, and those affected lose control over their gaming behavior. In the end, they can be ruined financially, socially, and psychologically.

We commit ourselves to assisting our guests in playing responsibly by offering two features: We work together closely with the Bad Homburg association for addiction aid. The experts of this organization offer personal or telephone counselling, as well as direct help. In addition, you are welcome to contact any of our staff members at any time regarding this subject.

Kind regards
Your team at the Casino Bad Homburg

We want our guests to have fun while gaming

So please observe a few rules while gaming:

  • Do not spend more than the maximum budget you have set for yourself on this day.
  • Do not borrow money to play.
  • Do not spend any money allocated for other purposes (such as the rent, car repairs, a new washing machine, etc.).
  • Do not neglect your job or family for the sake of gambling.
  • Take a break when you realize you are gambling too often.
  • Do not use gambling as a means of reducing stress or suppressing anxieties

The transition from the pure enjoyment of playing to a gambling addiction is a gradual process.

Please read the following statements and reflect on your gambling habits:

  • You feel that you “must“ gamble and cannot resist this feeling. You might even cancel business and private appointments in order to play.
  • You repeatedly wanted to quit gambling all together, but have not succeeded.
  • You gamble to escape your problems.
  • Your gambling has resulted in financial problems so that you need to borrow money or sell possessions.
  • You have lied to cover up the fact that you are gambling regularly.
  • You have problems sleeping and concentrating because your thoughts constantly return to gambling.

If your answer to one or more of these questions is “yes“, you should ask for expert help.